NCAA National Championship
Posted 1/8/2009 by Amber Wilson
As a sports journalist covering the biggest stage in college sports, the NCAA National Championship, never gets old no matter who's playing in the game; but when it's your alma mater on that field there's not a second of the week that feels like work. This year I had the honor of covering my beloved Gators win their third national title. Even sitting in a typically boring press conference, or waiting for hours to grab a two minute interview with a coach was truly enjoyable because of the subject at hand. I even had a blast roasting in smoldering heat at Dolphin Stadium on a stressful Media Day. Of course, though, the ultimate highlight was being on the field as the confetti rained down in victory. It's moments like that I've dreamt of experiencing my whole life. You can share in it with me by checking out my video montage from the game on my site.
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