Inside Edition Interview
Posted 9/23/2009 by Amber Wilson

Inside Edition/Entertainment Tonight interviewed me about the Erin Andrews’ story. Erin went through an awful experience when she was videotaped through the peep hole of her hotel room nude and exposed on the internet. Despite people accusing Erin of benefiting from the experience by becoming “main stream”, I can’t imagine the disgust she must’ve felt when her privacy was so grossly invaded. The fact that this would never happen to a male sportscaster infuriates me; women are still treated like pieces of meat even in this day and age. It’s unfortunate, but to be thought of as anything else in this business, attractive girls need to ugly up or play their sexuality down.  

It’s downright pathetic that attractive men are taken more seriously the more well put together they are; while conversely, the more attractive a woman is, the less knowledgeable she’s perceived to be, particularly in sports casting. Considering it’s a well known fact that an individual’s physical appearance does tend to play a role in a person’s ability to initially climb the ladder in broadcasting, it’s a double edged sword. Sure, Erin likely was noticed by ESPN because of her appearance, but the reason she’s still there all these years later has everything to do with how good she is at her job. Unfortunately, you rarely hear anyone talk about that; instead, it’s still all about her looks. Which likely has everything to do with how the scumbag that taped her can sleep at night; he’s not thinking of her as a hard working girl doing her best to be successful, but instead only, apparently, as a glorified stripper.

I’m extremely passionate about this subject matter so working with ET/Inside Edition was a flattering and wonderful experience. They ended up doing an entire piece on me which was very exciting since it was my first time on network. My passion for the subject paid off considering few things bother me more  in this world than the expectation that a woman can’t be sexy, intelligent and serious about her trade. A perfect example of this revolting train of thought played out when Charissa Thompson first reached the network sideline level. Charissa is a stunningly beautiful blonde that when she reached what’s considered “the big time” dyed her hair a dull color brown, played down her makeup, wardrobe and started wearing glasses. I don’t know who gave her the advice or whether the network execs made her, but I do know whomever it was obviously felt that she was too attractive to be taken seriously.

I would love one day to be at the level these women have made it to, but I hope I will be able to celebrate my femininity and appearance while being recognized for my professional abilities. Erin attempted to do just that and is now paying a price no hard working woman ever deserves to pay.

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